Takeoff from Hawaii scheduled, finally!

Wednesday 20th April 2016

We knew this day would come where we can finally say: tomorrow we will be taking off. After 9 months having put our round-the-world solar flights on hold because of a battery complication during the 5 day/night flight from Nagoya to Hawaii, we are able to resume our attempt to accomplish this solar-powered challenge.

We have announced a takeoff from Kalaeloa Airport on April 21st at 3PM UTC. Last week we declared Mission Mode and this week we have found a weather window that would give way to a 62 hour flight to reach Moffett Airfield, Mountain View, California, USA. The team next to the aircraft will also be leaving Hawaii just after Bertrand Piccard takes off with Si2 in order to meet him on the other side.

Even during these past 9 months, the adventure has never stopped. We have built an experimental aircraft that we use to explore not only altitudes, but also unknown territories within the realm of clean technology and creative team building.




Here’s what’s in store for you during this epic flight across the inviting ocean:

  • A peek into Bertrand Piccard’s journey across the Pacific Ocean with our TV Presenter Kari
  • Details about the technical and psychological challenges our pilot and team will be facing during this flight
  • Interviews on solarimpulse.com with passionate ambassador of clean technology, among them Boyan Slat (initiator of The Ocean Cleanup), Achim Steiner (Executive Director of UNEP), and Christiana Figueres (Executive Secretary of UNFCCC)
  • Facebook Live from our team at the Mission Control Center in Monaco
  • André’s reflections on his 117-hour flight over the Pacific Ocean from Nagoya to Hawaii and his advice to Bertrand
  • Bertrand’s message to World Leaders on Earth Day to accompany their meeting in New York to sign the Paris Climate Agreement
  • A tribute to Amelia Earhart’s legacy as the first woman to fly solo across the Pacific Ocean in 1935




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