Thursday 19th March 2015

After a short pit-stop to change pilots before taking off for its fourth flight to Mandalay (Myanmar), I took-off  at 5:22 local time (23:52 UTC). This flight will allow me to test the stabilisation and augmentation system, as well as the oxygen as he climbs up to 27,000 feet. Landing is estimated to be at 7:30 pm local time (1:00 pm UTC). I was really looking forward to this flight because when I attempted to go around the world in a balloon, I failed and had to stop in Myanmar. Now I am coming back with a solar airplane, and on top of this, my daughter I haven't seen for the past month will be there at the landing. We will stay at least two days in Myanmar before continuing to alternate flying the zero-fuel airplane around the globe. Over the coming months, we will stop in China, USA, Northern Africa or Southern Europe before returning to Abu Dhabi to complete our circumnavigation of the world.